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Kudos for XtraMath

Most of the basic fact programs are for younger students. My 7th and 8th graders will take offense when I ask them to play “Ducky Subtraction.” I suspected this program might be boring for them but they have really embraced it. They see that this simple repetition is good for them and are able to see progress just in a few weeks.
Elena Evans, Hopewell Middle School, Round Rock, TX - 11/17/14
Our kids just love XtraMath! I haven't seen them this excited to work on a program in a long time. They are actually mastering their facts earlier in the year then they ever have before!
Rosanne Kraus, Hilton Elementary, Brecksville, OH - 10/16/14
XtraMath was my favorite new resource that I rolled out to my school this past year. I really love the philosophy of setting the site up as a free, non-profit resource. You guys have done an absolutely amazing job of creating a straightforward and motivating program to help students learn their math facts. We used XtraMath in grades 1-5 this year and it has had a tremendous impact.
David Schubert, Technology Specialist, DeSoto Trail Elementary, Tallahassee, FL, OH - 7/2/14
I was speaking with my principal about an odd thing: kids in my class have mastered two digit subtraction with regrouping! Every one of them, every one. And this is 2nd grade! But...but...when they do the regrouping, and are left with, say 16 - 9 in the ones column, they're stumped. The two of us scratched our heads, wondering why it is that we can teach the more complex concepts but not the rote skills required to execute them. The next day, I heard about Xtramath. You are the answer to what has been an intractable problem for all 15 years of my 2nd grade teaching experience. I'm extremely grateful that you folks have put together such a sophisticated and attractive site that does exactly what I need.
Emmett Hoops, Moriah Central School, Port Henry, NY - 4/24/13
Having this free resource is amazing as a homeschool family, and it is such a great resource it would even be worth paying for. I am using to help my 9th grader brush up on rusty facts, for my 3nd grader to learn them for the first time, and to help my 5th grader continue on with her fact learning.
Spring Gouette, Homeschool parent, Auburn, ME - 3/18/13
We have tried so many different methods for reviewing math facts, but Xtra Math is the best! My kids groaned when they first heard the name, but once they tried it, now they BEG me to let them do it. We are big fans!
Marissa Henley, Parent, Fayetteville, AR - 2/27/13
This site is AMAZING! You can get so little for free these days. I have a class of 18 Students with IEPs who have achieved 413 points of improvement! Thank you so much for sharing!
Susan Frisque, Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage, AK - 1/29/13
I love this program for my 3rd grader! My son gets a kick out of tracking his progress and eagerly tells me how many facts he got in a row and how many total he still needs to learn. I'm a huge fan of this program and recommend it to all of my friends for their kids.
Amy Doherty, Parent, Bedford, MA - 12/6/12
My students are in grade 6 and love it. They finally have a reason to get their iPods out in school! XtraMath's tracking, and visual feedback for parents, students and teachers is just wonderful.
Josh Ellis, Ponsonby Public School, Guelph, ON, Canada - 12/6/12
I teach at a Title I school. The students are struggling in math. Students using this program are showing progress. It is slow, but it is progress. As an educator I enjoy the features of the program. The feedback is immediate. The students can see what they still need to work on. The program is a precision program that builds their skills.
Gennie Kirch, Roy School, Roy, UT - 10/31/12
I can not tell you how much I appreciate this website. You have created something that can be done more efficiently and better than I could ever do on my own. I have used many methods over the years, but this has really lifted a huge burden.
Mary Miller, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India - 9/9/12
Thank you for an answer to yet another group of kids who struggle with their math facts! I went online after their first set of speed drills looking for a way to track and monitor their practice and progress. I found so much more from your program. Thanks for making everything so easy to use and share with my students' families!
Sandra Allen, Silver Creek Elementary, Troy, IL - 8/28/12
XtraMath has made a huge difference in my children learning their basic facts, I have had many parents comment on how fabulous it is as well. I love how it levels the basic facts and the children love following their own progress and setting new goals.
Rachel French, St Clair School, Dunedin, New Zealand - 7/1/12
If you have not already discovered Xtra Math, run -- don't walk -- to their site. It is the BEST thing since sliced bread for math fact practice, I promise, no matter what grade you teach. Once you get it up and running, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.
Cathy Whitehead, Thoughts From Third Grade blogger & teacher, Henderson, TN - 6/23/12
Our girls have struggled to learn their facts for the last two years. Their teachers pointed us to your program and they mastered all their facts in just a few short months and no tears! This is the perfect avenue for kids to get in and get out and do the daily practice they need without too much hounding. They love the reports and graphs they see every day and know when they've had a good or a bad day. There is always a loud WOOP! in the house when either of them pass a level!
Shannon Bauck, Parent - 3//12
Need help getting your child to master their math facts? Or to help a classroom of students gain fact fluency? I LOVE XtraMath!!! Highly suggest you try it with your children.
Julie Cunningham, Desiderata School, Longmont, CO - 3/29/12
I just want to thank you for the work you have done and continue to do to provide this awesome program for students. Like most teachers, I have limited funds to supplement learning activities in my 2nd grade classroom, but XtraMath has been just the boost my students needed to become enthused and make actual progress in their addition and subtraction facts. The best part of it is how it runs itself during the day! I also love the progress reports and graphs.
Jodi Schilling, Fruitland Elementary, Fruitland, ID - 2/18/12 is an AWESOME site to help students master their basic math facts. Xtramath is very easy to use and is set up in such a way that your students can practice at school as well as at home! I've used this site with my son as well, so I can attest to the fact that it is easy for parents to access at home. From the teacher perspective, I love it all the more! I have access to all of my students' progress records from both school AND home. It is a great way to watch each child's progress. The reports are easy to read and easy to access as well. Each week you will recieve an email report showing how your kiddos are doing as well. Super cool! If you haven't tried this site out with your class, I HIGHLY recommend it. You won't be disappointed!
Sara Malchow, Reflections on Teaching and Learning blogger & first grade teacher - 1/15/12
Your program is amazing! We love it! My daughter (6th grade) came home with XtraMath as a class assignment from her math teacher... We then started our son on it too (3rd grade). It has been extremely helpful for him. He has mastered his multiplication facts this fall using your program.
Jen Wilking, Parent -12/15/11
I highly recommend you set this up with your class - it is quick and it is easy. The parent's LOVE this and the children appreciate the extra support and immediate feedback. As a teacher it is the ideal way for me to monitor the basic facts learning in my class and makes it easy for me to identify gaps.
Craig Kemp, Education blogger & Assistant Principal, Grant's Braes School, Dunedin, NZ - 11/6/11
Xtra Math is a great free resource for students, teachers, and families. The site runs itself and can serve as a supplemental support, enrichment for high students to practice higher skills, or intervention for those needing foundational skill review.
Erin Klein, Kleinspiration blogger and educational consultant - 10/26/11
I just wanted to give you a high five for making XtraMath available to the public. My son was having a hard time memorizing his math, but since we have been using your site he has really improved tremendously! Thanks again!
Kasandra Bowden, Parent, South Lyon, MI - 9/21/11
Just introduced my new group of second graders to Xtramath today - they LOVE it and I love the running records you offer that make my life much easier. Thanks a million!
Adair Solomon, Linton Hall School, Bristow, VA - 9/6/11
Do your students or children have difficulty with memorizing math facts? I know that this is a large area of concern for me and many of my colleagues. I stumbled upon this website at the beginning of the summer... The program can be set up for an entire class or one child... The program will perform an evaluation and then support the child in gaining automaticity in their math facts through a series of activities and drills. My daughter has been doing it through the summer and loves it. She gets so excited to see her progress as it is charted after each session.
Melissa Green, Thrifty Tech Teacher blogger and public school teacher - 7/23/11
Thank you for working so hard on this program. It is the most rewarding program I have used as a teacher in my 30 years of teaching and am pleased to recommend it to others.
Sheila Marble, St. Catherine's School, Manchester, NH - 5/5/11
In the short time we've used XtraMath, my struggling students are beginning to utilize their memorization skills which will then translate to mental computation. My students who are fairly good at math are excelling at incredible rates.
Allen Terhune, Juanita Elementary, Kirkland, WA - 5/5/11
I've been using [XtraMath] for about a week and I LOVE it! You have really thought through the teacher management pieces of your site so that it is very easy to implement in the classroom. It allows me to use my time to teach my students, rather than manage and grade timed tests. I'm so excited to already see progress with my students.
Kristen Sauber, Westwood Elementary, Woodstock, IL - 2/1/11
We have so many online resources with our math series, but XtraMath is so easy to set up and work with. This is the first thing I have my kids do when they come in each morning and it goes so quickly! I have stressed for years that they need to know these basic facts with automaticity or it will slow everything they do down and this is just what XtraMath does!
Pamela Strubhar, Beulah Elementary, Pensacola, FL - 2/1/11
We love your program. It's comprehensive, sequential, and very user friendly. I'm committed to using Xtramath as documentation that all of our students have mastered their math facts before leaving us for middle school.
Pamela Hunter, Principal, Maple Elementary, Seattle, WA - 1/5/11
As learning specialists, we must be very discerning about programs we use in our instruction. XtraMath is a gem. It allows us to target very specific skills in an effective and efficient way. Plus, the students love it!
Chelsea Wright, Executive Director, Madison Learning Specialists, Seattle, WA - 12/9/10
During conferences last week I had many parents comment on xtramath. They are very pleased with the program and appreciate the weekly updates that are being sent out... Last year I saw a huge improvement in my students' math skills and I can already tell this year will be even better
Angie Wehmeyer, Mullenix Ridge Elementary, Port Orchard, WA - 11/2/10
I just found your program and LOVE it... I can now have kids test their level daily without spending time grading, graphing, putting new sheets into math folders... Your program is just what every teacher needs.
Dora Wallace, Wilkeson Elementary, Wilkeson, WA - 6/28/10
[XtraMath] is just what we were looking for! ... It is simple to use, easy to understand, and obviously made by not only computer people, but real TEACHERS!
Jennifer Eccleston, Math Coach, Clark-Wilkins Elementary, Amherst, NH - 5/28/10
During our Math time I have been giving my students a math practice paper... They are completing them, all correctly, in minutes! This is so much faster than years past! I am thrilled!
Karoline Colombini, Artondale Elementary, Gig Harbor, WA - 12/15/09
At the beginning of last year I had a fifth grade student who took over 5 minutes to complete 60 math facts; the rest weren't much better off. By the end of the year, they were all down to a minute. WOW. This program gave them the ability, the confidence, and it was pretty fun. THANK YOU!!!
Lynette Field, Harbor Christian School, Gig Harbor, WA - 10/21/09
My daughter loves XtraMath and uses it daily... I have been doing math tutoring in her classroom a few days a week. As I work with the kids, some kids really stand out as knowing their math facts with the ability to work quickly and accurately. I always ask the really skillful kids if they have been doing XtraMath, and the response is always "Yes!"
Corey Dickinson, Parent, Seattle WA - 10/19/09
I just wanted to give you an update on your math program. Teachers like it, but more importantly, families and kids like it... What a great use of computer technology -- especially in these days of school budget cuts. Thank you for the difference you are making with kids!
Anne Fitzpatrick, Principal, Kimball Elementary, Seattle, WA - 4/5/09