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    For teachers only

    This will authorize the computer to display a classroom sign-in page with the names of students in your class.

    You only need to do this once on each computer in your classroom. The next time you will go directly to your classroom sign-in page.

    For your convenience we fill in the code automatically if we detect multiple computers in the same location (i.e. same IP address).

    Need your code?

    Email sent!

    An email has been sent to you with your classroom code. If you don't receive it in the next few minutes please check your spam folder.

    Close-buttonThat teacher has not set up a class for this school year. To set up a class sign in to your teacher account.

    Need your classroom code?

    Your classroom code is listed in the 'Account' section of your teacher account. Or, you can submit your email address and we will send you your code in email.

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